Visual Art

Supporting learning, I’ve created beautifully bordered lyrics page with finely drawn illustrations for each fish and aquatic mammals species featured in my songs.

I’ve drawn the supporting illustrations to have the feel of the lithographs created by the early marine biologists centuries before National Graphic existed!

With graduated shading of black and gray, these illustrations are perfect for students to research each sea creature, applying their colors – from the lightest through the medium and finally to the heavy, richer tones – to bring them to life.

*Note: Eight of these illustrated lyric pages support aspects of reading and viewing when used in conjunction with the eight multimodal texts on my subtitled DVD – ‘Swishy Friends’.

The lyrics work both as song and poetry.  Illustrated song lyrics pages can be used in teaching for:
• Vocabulary development
• Developing and applying phonemic knowledge (alliteration, parts of speech, rhyme etc
• Responding to, reading and viewing texts
• To create an Underwater song book
• To create a sea creature poetry book
• guided reading

Fish and aquatic mammal illustrations can be used as is, or ‘cut-outs’ for:
• Information reports
• Environmental ‘Save the Ocean’ Posters (Visual Literacy)
• Story Writing

The packs below have been arranged for older and younger students and include the lyrics and illustration for each. The pack is delivered as PDF download.

Pack 1 – older.
1. Oceans of Wonder
2. Dolphin Swimming Free
3. The Anemone Way
4. Manatee
5. Shark in the Dark
6. I’m a Sea Lion
7. Gentle Rays
8. Swishy Friends
9. Sea Otter Rap
10. Amazing Sea Dragons
11. While Watching Whales
$2.99 – Click to Buy – PDF format Delivered by email
Pack 2 – younger.

1. Let Me Go
2. Eight Armed Octopus
3. Magical Sea Horses
4. Crocodile Crunch
5. Slippery Seal
6. Tiny Turtle
7. Marine Mix
8. My Little Shell
9. Jellyfish Drifting
10. Visit the Aquarium
11. Going To See

$2.99 – Click to Buy – PDF format Delivered by email

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