Songs by Lesley Beth

As mysterious as space, but slightly more accessible, the underwater world fascinates us all.  Our ‘oceans of wonder’ abound with an amazing variety of living creatures, but our humanity restricts our access.

Maybe that is why we all long to view their underwater mysteries.  Now I’ve set it to cool, jazz music with lyrics that ebb and flow with the tides.

There are 22 songs that  ‘draw’ you in to an underwater experience of music and lyrics about the oceans and all that live there – including crustaceans, fish,  mammals and enchanting sea otters  in their swaying environment of giant kelp forests.

Not just for kids, the music in these songs is played by many world-renowned musicians including Clive Lenditch, who’s played guitar with stars like  The Manhattan Transfer, Peter Allen, Idina Menzel and Neil Sedaka.

One of my favorites is Clive playing his hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar to my song about the manatee.

I could have called it the ‘mermaid song because as far back as 1493, Christopher Columbus spotted 3 ‘mermaids’  that in reality were manatees.

Even though he described them as  “not half as beautiful as they are painted”  (a matter of opinion),  I think even explorer Columbus would have agreed that Clive’s acoustic guitar rendition certainly is.

Additional artists include drums by Gordon Rytmeister  (Tom Jones, The Commodores, Bob Geldof, Roger Frampton, Bobby Shew, Anthony Warlow and Eartha Kitt) and legendary electric bassist Mark Costa, who’s performed with The Temptations, Tom Jones, Leo Sayer, Go West, Chris Isaak, Debbie Reynolds and Thelma Houston.

To complete the cast, underwater footage is by internationally recognized cinematographer, Tom Campbell, (BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and History Channels, etc.), a real life SEAL Team One hero from Vietnam days.  Also,  Pawel Achtel, like Tom,  a passionate underwater cinematography and winner of 2013  Innovation Award for his cutting-edge underwater 3D film cameras at the prestigious StudioDaily Prime Awards in Las Vegas.

Enjoy the sights and sounds – and, if you like what you see, please buy so I can make some more!



My underwater songs represent my curiosity and concern for our largest resource.  As an educator, I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to educate as well as entertain, so with great joy, I composed and produced these songs with a strong environmental theme.

I hope you will enjoy singing them and sharing their message.

Lesley Beth

…for parents!

“My kids love watching the fish songs DVD (me too) and the variety styles keep the excitement going. It’s such a wonderful learning tool! Thanks”

…for music teachers!

I am showing the Fish Songs DVD to all my music classes this week. The kids are loving it! I loved the music from the first time I heard it and had “mind movies” of what your DVD might look like. The melodies really lend themselves to the gentle movements of the sea creatures.

…for the TV!

“This will certainly be a winner. Perhaps… “Animal Planet” will broadcast it. I think the doors are wide open for you to seek all kinds of opportunities.”


… thought for the day!

I wish I could be – a manatee!
Even for a day!
Swim in shallow tropic seas.
On sandy bed I’d sleep
Where it is not too deep
Mistaken quite a lot
A mermaid I am not!