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Discover some of the deep blue's most mysterious and unique creatures. Swim and sing the lyrics carefully edited to match the surround sound and High Definition footage. You will never want to resurface from life in the beep blue sea! Fall in love with our ocean beauties, and, along with friends of the oceans around the world, adopt my passion for saving our oceans of wonder!

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 Unlike most ‘children's music’ out there, it's difficult to put these informative but engaging sea songs into any age group or category.

 With all of the songs mature in content as well as style, everyone will be nodding their head, and tapping their toes to the awesomely ingenious combination of beautiful music and  amazingly engaging underwater footage!

The minute you press play, you will be transported by cool jazzy music to the rhythm of calming ocean waters, swimming and playing with tiny turtles, sea lions, manatees, and if you're lucky, the sea otter might rap for you.

Bubbling with fun and information, meet the Shark in the Dark, slide with Slippery Seal and do the Crocodile Crunch, as the sea's most infamous and beautiful creatures are unveiled. Warning: ‘While Watching Whales’ will bring a tear to the coolest soul.

The ability not only to entertain but to educate, is writer/composer Lesley Beth's main priority. Her experience as a teacher has influenced lyrics in "Oceans of Wonder" making them fun and not patronizing or difficult to pickup - especially with her beautifully hand illustrated and printable song lyrics and project pages!

Jazzles’ underwater songs are catchy and non evasive - ranging from pop to rock to rap and back again. Thanks to the variety of compositions, arrangements, talented singers with unique, textured voices and the few little extras thrown in, these fish friendly songs are easy to listen to over and over again.

    sandy casaglio
Lost at sea and all alone don't know if I want to go home


Listening to your songs I see "movies" in my head!
I am really impressed with the ocean CDs. The quality is superb! I think you know you have a winner when people who listen to your songs see "movies" in their heads. I'm sure you'll be successful with the CDs and the DVDs.


I bought this for my 4 year old Grandson and he "LOVES IT""!! So do I!
All the songs are wonderful, I felt like sailing away!! Great CD!!

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